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dream of passion productions is an actor-run company whose mission is to produce works that speak to the contemporary human condition. We are committed to fostering and creating opportunities for women, and marginalized groups, and are focused on cultivating a diversity of voices in our team and community partners.

Based in Vancouver, BC, dream of passion productions is dedicated to bringing topical, challenging narratives to the forefront of conversation, enabling difficult and necessary discussions that encourage growth and acceptance, following a heart compass that is fearless in the face of adversity.



The projects that have come to fruition through dream of passion productions have always somehow happened into existence. As the company has matured, so have its requirements, and intentions: to not ignore the haphazard, unpredictable, and serendipitous ways in which the world seems to operate, and to embrace the works that cross our paths, be open to expansion, both in size and scope, to learn from projects past, and to improve and grow with projects yet materialized, without preconceived notions or rules about what to do next.


dream of passion productions was established in 2013 by Stefania Indelicato - a Vancouver-based actor, writer, and producer - whose “dream of passion” manifested out of an effervescent, persistent draw to take the reigns of her creative life, establish a creative community, and begin to cultivate a grassroots and personal contribution to the artistic landscape of her community. 


dream of passion productions' first two projects were co-productions with Excavation Theatre: After by Martha Herrera-Lasso, and Ithaka by Andrea Stolowitz. 


With After, we set out to employ as many women as possible, and in the end had a team made up of 75% women. After ran for 10 performances to critical acclaim with 5 sold-out shows. 


Our second endeavour, Ithaka by Andrea Stolowitz, was produced in the Spring of 2016. The play's subject matter - about a female soldier who returns from Afghanistan and suffers from PTSD - led us to seek-out partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada, to whom we donated a percentage of our box office proceeds. For Ithaka, dream of passion productions received its first awards nomination and win: the Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actress. 



Matthew McClellan and Jane Hancock 

Photo: Andy Scheffler



Alessandro Miro and Stefania Indelicato 

Photo: Andy Scheffler

Ithaka (263).jpg


Yoshié Bancroft and Stefania Indelicato 

Photo: Andy Scheffler 

Ithaka (406).jpg


(from top left to right) Tanya Schwaerzle, Adam Lolacher, Desiree Zurowski, David Knights Cowling, Brent Hirose, Stefania Indelicato, Yoshié Bancroft, Jessica Anne Nelson, Sara Smith

Photo: Andy Scheffler

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