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by Andrea Stolowitz

Marine Captain Elaine Edwards has just returned from her latest tour in Afghanistan but this time things are different - home doesn’t feel right and nothing makes sense. After a blow up fight with her husband propels her to skip town, she undertakes an Odyssean journey through the American landscape battling her monsters, trying to find her way home. 

Stolowitz's work draws from interviews with veterans and their families. In Fall 2011, Stolowitz was awarded the Fowler/Levin Prize with this winning play concept.

Ithaka, a second co-production with dream of passion productions and Excavation Theatre had its Canadian Premiere at Havana Theatre in the Spring of 2016 in Vancouver, BC. 


Yoshié Bancroft, Brent Hirose, Stefania Indelicato, Adam Lolacher, Desiree Zurowski

Creative Team: 

Tanya Schwaerzle, Stage Manager

Sound Designer, David Cowling

Set & Costume Designer, Raffaela Rabinovich

Lighting, Sara Smith



by Martha Herrera-Lasso

Four people - a man and woman in their 20s and a man and woman in their 30s, each at different stages in their lives, get themselves caught up in complicated and sometimes surprisingly emotional and confusing conversations, all taking place after sex. Struggling to find their paths within and without societal relationship norms and expectations, this is an exploration of love and lust in a modern day society that is overwhelmed by choice.

Playwright of AFTER, Martha Herrera-Lasso says, this play is about “...miscommunication and intimacy and it being okay. So maybe by the time we leave the theatre we'll all be a little more confused and intimate and okay with it than when we got here."

After, a co-production by dream of passion productions and Excavation Theatre, had its World Premiere in the Spring of 2014 at the Havana Theatre in Vancouver, BC.


Alessandro Miro, Stefania Indelicato, Matthew McLellan, Jane Hancock

Creative Team: 

Jessica Anne Nelson, Director

Tanya Schwaerzle, Stage Manager

Carolyn Rapanos, Set and Prop Designer

Basha Ladovsky, Costume Designer

Emily Griffiths, Sound Designer

Michael Irvine, Lighting Designer